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Developing business and technology strategy to achieve stronger performance.

MaineTech Consulting helps growing businesses identify and take the next steps in their technology journey. MTC is a Maine-based company servicing organizations across the US.

At MTC, we work with you to streamline technology needs, implement new technologies, tackle compliance requirements, and develop governance practices. We will also help you select the right technology or technology partners to meet your growing needs.

We are willing to take bold action to achieve the extraordinary.

MTC consultants are trusted advisors to many organizations and want to bring the same experience and expertise to you.

Technology Roadmap

Technology planning for modern businesses involves understanding business processes, how employees work, and the…

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Business Consulting

Business Consulting for new or growing organizations involves providing advice and guidance on how to…

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Transformation Services

Transformation of your business doesn’t just happen when you implement new software. The primary focus must be placed…

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Who We Are

A combination of creative thinking, problem solving and expertise

Consulting and strategic planning for modern businesses involves understanding business processes, the ability to streamline activities, selecting the right partners and technologies, and understanding how to engage your team

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Our Services

We are willing to take bold action to achieve the extraordinary.

CIO Services

Growing businesses often find themselves with a need for a strategic IT leader, but they aren’t ready to make the hire…

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Project Management

Is it time to take on that big implementation or upgrade project, but you are unsure who might be best to lead it…

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Partner Selection Services

Organizations often ask themself if it is time to get strong IT support, but what does that mean for your…

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Organizational Development

Growing teams often find that they have a disorganized file system with spreadsheets to manage every process…

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Cyber Roadmap

Compliance requirements continue to expand and cybersecurity is always included if you…

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SMB Technology Strategy

Startups and small businesses often need technical strategic plans but they don’t know where to start or if they can afford…

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